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    h1. But Not A Drop To Drink p. The town of [[Mars-ville]] loses its fresh water when the [[Aquaduck]] is stolen. Can the three siblings - [[:megumi|Megumi]], [[:frank|Frank]] and [[:max|Max]] - retrieve it in time to save the townsfolk?

  • Mars-ville

    Mars-ville is a town on the west side of the [[Smelly-wear|Smelly-wear River]]. It is said that the town's founding pre-dates the [[Big Mistake]], but most believe this to be a boast of the locals, if they have any opinion at all. Mars-ville's success …

  • Smelly-wear

    Like many of the waters of Gamma Terra, the Smelly-wear is horribly polluted with industrial chemicals, radioactive waste, and rusting metal wrecks. Additionally, it is home to many dangerous and mutated flora and fauna. Few dare to drink the river …

  • Kennel

    A dry creek that runs through [[Mars-ville]], running nearly parallel to the [[Smelly-wear]]. There are places along its course where it abruptly drops a few feet. A number of these drops have rusted remains of metal gates. Some folks claim that the …