Owner of the Aquaduck


Beryl is a mutated human woman of about 55 years. She stands about 5’10" tall, has blue skin and purple hair with streaks of grey. When Beryl gets angry, electrical sparks dance across her skin, sometimes leaping from her outstretched hand when she becomes really animated. She is the owner of the Aquaduck, and discovered it in the ruined city about two decades ago.

Due to the necessity for clean water, she is responsible for the growth of Mars-ville, both in population and prosperity. If any one person can claim to be the town’s leader, it is her. Her success with the Aquaduck has allowed her to build a fortune for herself, and she has used it for the protection of her home, her business and herself.

Due to her influence, there is little that happens in Mars-ville without her approval in some way, or at least not without her disapproval. For the most part, she leaves the townsfolk alone as long as their activities don’t negatively affect her.



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